Friday, January 13, 2012

Bye Bye Iceland

Wow.  4am is early to wake up after a latish night and a snoring roommate.  I caught the airport shuttle at 430 (ORTMers: the driver looked almost identical to John Shultis) and now I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight.  Luckily, I had just enough Icelandic money left to buy one cup of coffee and now I have nothing to do but wait.
I learned that we are very lucky as Canadians in regards to having the Northern Lights.  Some people come all the way to Iceland, and other parts of northern Scandinavia, from more southern nations JUST to have a chance to see the Aurora Borealis.  I used to see them much more when I was younger but it was never really that big of a deal because Id see them often enough.  I met some people who were sooo excited after having waited 4 hours in a cold bus just to have seen a little bit of green in the sky at 1am.  They are beautiful and after realizing how rare they are in the world, I will no longer take seeing them at home, for granted.  I learned from a girl from Hong Kong that in China, it is believed that if you are lucky enough to see the Northern Lights, you will be pregnant within the year.  Uh oh.  I’ve also heard before that in Japan, it is considered very lucky to conceive a child under the Northern lights.  Anyways, that’s just a whole other type of tourism…
I just booked a hostel for the next 2 nights in Oslo.  To get from the airport to the hostel I have to take a bus downtown and then transfer onto another, smaller bus.  This will be interesting since I now find myself with a big heavy suitcase, small but heavy duffel bag, 33L backpack and a big purse bag.  Basically… I look like a pack mule when I carry it all.  I really have no plans or know what there is to do once I’m there so Ill just wing it.  I met a girl, Emelie, on Fraser Island in Australia who now lives in Oslo so I may meet up with her. Otherwise, Ill just wander around and explore the big city.  I’ve also heard that the main tourist attraction is in Frogner Park, which is a green space filled with statues.  It is the most expensive city in the world so I don’t think Ill be doing to much spending.  Then, Sunday afternoon I finally leave for Harstad, where Ill be spending the next 5 months.
I just realized how crazy I look sitting here in the airport.  Everyone here is so well dressed, despite it being so early.  I’m in lulu pants, baggy UNBC sweater, hair is a mess from sleeping on it wet and I have 2 bags to haul around.  Right now I’m “that” girl at the airport. 
I also just realized that most of my sentences and paragraphs on this blog start with “I”.  Owell.  I really hope people read this so I’m not just pointlessly writing this lame blog to myself.  I have been trying to write about what I have been doing as well as what I heave learned to share with all of you.  I have had a fantastic time here in Iceland.  I haven’t booked my flight home for June yet, but if it works out, Id love to come back here on my way home.  I never thought I would ever end up spending time in Iceland because, like most of you I think, I wrote it off as ICEland which really doesn’t sound all that appealing.  Little did I know that it is a land full of culture, history, fascinating geological features, and wonderful people.   

Fun fact: Iceland has more green the ice whereas Greenland has more ice then green.

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