Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Im sitting in a cute café right now sipping on some much needed coffee; there is free wifi everywhere here, it is excellent!  I slept in, checked out of the private room and into a shared dorm.  I walked up and down the main shopping street.  This is a touristy city so there are several tourist info centers, gift shops and genuine Icelandic wool stores targeted toward tourists.  Reykjavik is a place that is so accessible (not even 5 hours) from North America.  Lots of people stop here on their way to Europe because of less expensive plane tickets and to experience unique place.  Everyone that I have met so far seems to be only spending 3 days here just like me; just enough time to experience some culture... and get over jetlag.
In an hour I am catching a bus to go to the Blue Lagoon, which is Iceland’s biggest tourist attraction.  It is a geothermal spa that is said to have several health benefits especially for skin conditions.  The temperature is a natural 40deg C.  I’ve seen pictures before and it is absolutely gorgeous… except for towering geothermal power plants nearby.  Hopefully by the time I get there it will be light enough out for me to take some pictures!

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  1. Flott! My next trip to Europe I am stopping in Iceland for sure.