Monday, February 6, 2012

Waffles and Brown Cheese

Today for our Norwegian language and culture class, we went to Kathrin’s home for a traditional Norwegian afternoon snack; waffles with brunost cheese.  The waffles are better then the North American version of frozen eggos and thinner then yummy Belgian waffles.  They are typically served in the afternoon with coffee or tea.  They can be eaten with fruit, yoghurt or jam but are more traditionally served with Norwegian cheese called brunost.  This is a Scandinavian whey cheese, the taste is quite sweet and it is the same color as peanut butter.  It comes in a large brick and is sliced with a thin cheese slicer.  A Norwegian girl laughed when she saw how we had sliced because it didn’t look smooth; so she taught us the proper technique haha.  I could really get used to eating this as a snack because it is so yummy!

I changed my Facebook setting to the Norwegian language in hopes that it will help me learn to at least read and understand more words.


  1. I did like that cheese when you bought it last summer, it was solid enough to be use like a craker to spread some jelly on it.
    I love you

  2. Mmm..that cheese is so delicious. :) you're up to such neat stuff while you're there!

  3. Mmmm a type of cheese I haven't tried! Looks cool :) haha u must have been stoked about the waffles since ur an eggo lover