Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Ooookay, so what have I been doing the past two weeks?!  Basically, class, assignments for my UArctic online class and tourism class, getting together with people here, enjoying northern lights, etc…  

I worked my second shift at the pub, it was an evening during the week so it really wasn't busy which was a nice change from the hectic Saturday I worked last time.  Halfway through the evening the fire alarm went off so everyone had to evacuate.  Turns out someone in the school (which is attached to the bar) tried to microwave something and somehow created a big smokey mess but after about 20 minutes we opened again so no worries.  I am getting good at making drinks; Ive learned that "ol" means beer.

Wednesday was my birthday, I’m 22! It was my 4th birthday not at home but my new little family away from home helped me celebrate in style!  I had class in the morning but received lots of Happy Birthday’s and hugs.  In the afternoon I did some shopping and even bought 2 dresses which were a great deal… Ill wear one to my party tonight!  My lovely room mate made a delicious vegetarian lasagna for my and we shared with some more friends that came over.  Halfway through the meal a friend from Ghana showed up with ice cream cake… it reminded me of DQ ice cream cakes mmmmm.  Then we got even more people together to go for a hike to a look out on the top of a hill that over looks the entire fjord; we made a campfire and looked at the gorgeous northern lights that were at a peak of activity… a perfect birthday evening.
Chilling by the campfire, checking out the fjord with the gorgeous Aurora Borealis above.  Awesome Birthday :)
Tonight I am celebrating my birthday with my roommate Rebecca whose birthday is next week.  We are having about 25 people over then going out afterward, it will be fun!



  2. That sounds like a great birthday and you had good people to spend it with. I'm so excited to come up there and see everything! It's seems like you've explored so much neat stuff. :D