Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cliffs of Moher

Sooooo, Ireland is awesome.  I spent another day walking all over Dublin; the highlight of the day was checking out the Guinness Brewery.  The building is 7 stories high and it is in the shape of a pint of beer.  It was really interesting to see the brewing processes and the free samples weren’t bad either ;)

Today bright and early (6am!) we hopped on a bus to take us to Galway, which is a city on the western coast of Ireland.  Once we got here we were taken to a family’s farm for a hike on their land and their privately owned mountain.  The walk was great and the scenery was gorgeous. After the hike we got some home made apple pie and tea and learned to play some game called "Hurling".  Then we got on a bus which took us to the Cliffs of Moher which were stunning.  They are ginormous cliffs that rise up to 214 meters out of the ocean and are one of Ireland's greatest attractions.  I met two really nice guys from Brazil and a girl from Trinidad whom I spent the rest day with.  We then went for lunch then drove around checking out some more scenery and castles.

The Irish scenery is just like out of a movie, and some of the houses look postcard perfect.  All the properties are separated by fences made by piled stones, nothing to hold them together aside from time.  Typical farms own about 40 cows and a few sheep (since its spring time, there are tons of super cute baby sheep everywhere). 
I keep hearing from locals that the weather right now is very rare and we should appreciate it.  Usually it is overcast and rainy but since I’ve been here it has been warm and sunny, people were even in shorts and sandals in March!  I even got a bit of a sunburn… in Ireland!

Right now, for dinner I am sharing a bag of chips… traveling is awesome, no rules!


  1. 26 entries in January, 10 in February, 6 in March. You're slipping Leandra!

    1. I know! Ive been having to much fun to sit around and write. April will be better though since Im traveling, you three will just have to give me more to write about when we are in London!