Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Leaving Dublin...well, trying to leave

Last night we had a good night out.  After bussing back from Galway we headed to the hostel to cook some food and I met some Quebecois girls there.  We later headed to Temple Bar, which is a famous bar in a downtown sector that shares its name.  We met 2 Irish guys there which I think is rare because the place is packed with tourists and they showed us a good Irish time.   It was a great last night out in Dublin.

I spent the morning shopping in Dublin and ended up getting a nice new pair of jeans (to replace my current pair that have a hole in them), a dress (I can wear it to HIH’s graduation prom April 21) and a scarf (so I can fit in here, Europeans love their scarves).

Now I am sitting and waiting frustrated at the train station.  I looked online and the train we need to take to Belfast cost 10 Euros and I was told I could just buy the ticket once I got here.  Turns out that was a special online price only and it was to late to purchase them.  Instead, I spent the past 30 mins trying to book tickets for the next train in 2 hours on the internet that keeps cutting out as soon as I go to purchase.  Turns out that we could have just gotten a student price when we got here, even through the clueless lady at the ticket counter said we couldn’t, so that is what we will do.  So we missed our train and are paying a bit more and have to go 2 hours later then we planned to because of a bunch of misunderstandings.

Luckily, among all the pigeons at the indoor train station, there is a Starbucks :)

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