Monday, January 9, 2012

a day in the US of A

I said goodbye to my mom and grandparents today and am now sitting in the New York airport, waiting for my flight to Boston.  The flight here from Montreal was great, I almost had my own private jet because there were only 3 other passengers in the small plane!  From the air I saw the Empire State building; I was hoping to also see central park and the statue of liberty but no luck.
I got here and underestimated how big this airport would be.  I only had 45 mins between the two flights and ended up having to take a bus around the entire airport to get to the right gate.  I made it with about 10 minutes to spare so now I’m just waiting to board.  NY, or at least the airport, is not as glamorous as every movie and tv show has made it out to be.  I surrounded by businessmen who are all chatting on their cell phones and everyone else looks miserable.  I left my cell phone in Canada and will be getting another one when I get to Oslo, it feels so liberating not having a phone to constantly be looking at!  This airport doesn’t have free internet, it wants me to pay $8 for internet use… nooo thanks.

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  1. Hope your flights go well!! I bet you're very excited. Im jealous you got to see the empire state building, even if just from the air. Have fun!