Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a day in the US of A - 2

Im in Boston now and have 2 hours to wait until my next flight to Reykjavik which is a 4.5 hour flight.  The flight to Boston was almost as empty as the flight to NY.  It was a bigger plane and had only 9 passengers and I was the only girl.  Although Im glad these flights got me where needed to be, I am disappointed that they are allowed to run such big fuel guzzling planes with so few passengers… it just seems like such a waste.  I ended up chatting with probably the only other non-American person on the flight.  He was a friendly English businessman who travels to every big city in the world for his job.  Im not really sure what he does, but he really seemed to be living the life.  He says he goes to Oslo often and said that on average, a pint of beer is about $12!
At the airport, I was starving so I got myself a delicious sandwich from someplace that claims to have the best hot sandwiches in the whole world… it is alright.  I went to pay with my debit card and got a strange look from the server… apparently debit cards don’t exist in the states?!  Who knows, anyways, visa worked.
I thought I did such a great job packing everything into my one suitcase but when I got to the airport, I was about to get charged an extra $100 for overweight luggage (12lbs over) so I had to by another little duffel bag… just something else to haul around with me!  I also bought some Canadian luggage tags because I just wouldn’t be a stereotypical Canadian traveller without them, eh!?  I got some maple syrup and maple candies to share my culture with whomever in Europe but I’m about halfway through the bag of candies already, whoops.
I get to Reykjavik at 6:40am local time, which is 1:40am Montreal time.  The problem is, I can’t check into my hostel until 2pm which means I have 6 let lagged hours to kill exploring the town.  I’m loading some geocaches onto my GPS so that Ill have something to do and even then, Ill try to stay up until evening so that I can try to get used to the time change quickly.  I hope I sit next to someone interesting on this flight!

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