Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I sat next to a friendly old Danish man who was very interesting to listen to.  I learned about Danish politics, Scandinavian language similarities, his niece’s baby shower and about his life as a soldier.  The flight was only 4.5 hours so I didn’t bother trying to sleep, I instead just chatted with him and watched some TV.  As we flew in to Reykjavik, all I could see from the plane was snow and lights.  So after 5 planes, 5 times going through customs and 9 months of anticipation… I have arrived in Europe!  Its already strange that English is the secondary language on all the signs and I cant understand what anyone is saying but I’m so excited to be here! 
My plan was to store some luggage at the airport and just take what I needed for my 3 days here in a backpack, but there was no storage area.  The airport was supposed to be less than 45 minutes from the city’s downtown where my hostel is, but due to a crazy snowstorm and rush hour (people getting to work since it is 8am although I can barely stay awake), it took 2 hours in the bus to make it.  On the bus I met some girls from Rhode Island who were in Iceland for a 3-day holiday!  Seems like a far away place to go for only 3 days from the states!  Along the way I saw several cars pulled over on the side of the road with their lights on and a snowdrift already forming around the vehicle.  It didn’t look as though they had been in accidents, more like they just gave up on driving in the storm; there we at least 10 of these along the way.  It was very dark so I didn’t see much on the drive, just snow, wind and cars.
The hostel’s check in isn’t until 2pm but I showed up at 930am to try my luck anyways.  My original plan was to stay awake all day and sleep all night to get myself used to the time change but my eyes were bloodshot and I could barely stay awake so I needed some sleep.  My original dorm room wasn’t available yet so Id have to wait until 2pm but the dark stormy outside didn’t look to appealing to wander around in so I instead opted for a private room.  It is fantastic!  A nice big room, double bed, 2 fluffy comforters, a private and very modern bathroom/shower; so glad I chose this so that I can get some real sleep.
I just woke up from what I was hoping would be a longer sleep.  I just had a 3-hour nap but cant sleep anymore I think because I am to excited to explore!  When I went to sleep at around 1020am it was still pitch dark outside but now at 230pm it is light as though it were 10am at home.  I think Ill shower, get ready and go find some food.  The storm seems to have blown over but it is still very windy outside.  It is -2 but it apparently feels like -12 with wind chill.  Hopefully I can stay awake until tonight to get back on my sleep schedule so I don’t look like a zombie walking around.

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  1. Ohhh sounds like fun, what a crazy snow storm!! I bet it's beautiful there though, go explore and take photos!