Monday, January 2, 2012

First plane ride and some Norwegian

Score!  We got the seats near the emergency exits, which have tons more room, and there is no random stranger sitting with us.  I am trying to learn Norwegian while I’m on the plane since I lacked the foresight to bring any other book.  Since I’ve never truly heard Norwegian being spoken fluently, it’s hard to know if my pronunciations and tones are even remotely close to what its supposed to sound like, but I feel like I have the basis of the language and relevant key phases down.  It’s a neat language to learn, although I don’t see it being very useful after my time in Scandinavia.  
Norway has 2 mutually comprehensible languages; bokmal and nynorsk.  It looks like bokmal is the more widely used of the two.  The alphabet is the same as the English one, with the addition of 3 characters.  Norwegian is a tonal language, which means that tone is used to distinguish between some words.  2 words can be spelled exactly the same but have completely different meanings, depending on the tone used.  Another distinctive quality to the language is that each vowel has both a long and a short length and either is used to distinguish meaning.


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