Monday, January 2, 2012

It begins!

Okay, so the journey has begun!  Erin and I drove to Calgary for a night of New Years festivities!  We ended up at a high school friend, Adam’s place.  It was awesome meeting new people and soaking up some Calgary culture… turns out there is more to that city then cowboys and rodeos!  It was a late night but I was up by 8 am to meet up with my mom at the airport and catch our flight out to Montreal.  As I write this I am sitting in the airport sipping some Starbucks (there is no Starbucks in Harstad, so I’m indulging while I still can).  I’m far from being the only one here that looks tired and hung over from New Years eve partying.
I was going to start packing a few days before I left so that I was sure to have everything fit perfectly and not forget anything… but as usual, I rushed to do it at the last minute.  I planned on bringing a suitcase AND a travel pack because I thought packing for six months, with bulky winter gear, would take up a lot of room.   After a crisis where I couldn’t find my snow pants (I think I left them in PG) everything fit into one suitcase.  Turns out, I can fit all of my necessary life belongings in one simple 28” suitcase… that really put my life into perspective.  I don’t know if I am happy that I was able to pack lightly or if I am bitter that after 21 years, all my important possessions can fit into a wheeled box.  Either way, I was glad that I don’t have a big backpack to haul around anymore.

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