Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello Harstad

Wooo, finally here!  The plane landed and my pieces of luggage were the last ones out so I almost missed the bus into town but I made it.  It is raining here… which I didn’t expect considering this is the Arctic.  I was met at the bus by Kathrin and we went on a mini tour around the town and I saw the school.  It is very dark here despite it only being 5:30 but Ill just have to get used to that since there will be only apparently only 20 minutes of sunlight a day.  I didn’t see much of the town but from the lights I saw in the dark it seemed a lot bigger then I thought it would be.  I got a welcome package that included a frozen pizza that I just had for dinner as well as yoghurt and juice for breakfast so I don’t have to do groceries.
The dorm is fantastic compared to my last res at UNBC!  The living room is big, has 3 couches and a TV.  The kitchen is attached to the living room and has tons of room for storing stuff… it even has a dishwasher!  My bedroom is pretty big too and has a bed, desk, closet, bookcase, swivel chair, comfy chair and table… a definite step up from my tiny UNBC dorm.  I share a really nice bathroom with a Russian girl but she mentioned something about leaving on Friday, so who knows.  We share the living room and kitchen with 2 guys, one is Canadian (from Manitoba) and I have yet to meet the other one but I think he is from Germany.  The Canadian guy is great, I’m so glad to have another Canadian here!  We are going to explore and get groceries together tomorrow.
Orientation at the school starts at 9am.  I have a vague idea of how to get there, we were told to walk toward the ocean and there is where the school is, but it will be dark and slippery so my fingers are crossed for making it there.  There are activities planned for international students (I feel weird that Im now an international student) until 2 and then Ill go explore my new home!


  1. J'aime ton style d'ecriture....

  2. post pics when you get a chance (although I know you will be busy for a few days). So glad you have another Canadian to experience this with...

  3. Leandra if you meen me I am not from Germany, am from Norway.