Sunday, January 15, 2012

On my way to Harstad

I have made it to the airport.  I ended up walking 20 minutes to the train station instead of paying for a $30 cab.  It was an interesting walk since I had to wheel around my luggage on cracked brick sidewalks, over tram rails and dodge traffic but I made it alive.  The train ride to the airport was fantastic, the train is so smooth and quite, if I didn’t look outside I could have thought we weren’t moving.  I whipped out my English-Norwegian dictionary and tried to translate my way through a Norwegian magazine but it still didn’t make much sense.  One phrase I got was, “Your Christmas is a cozy one.  Pain is innocence and childhood”.  I got sent an online Norwegian class that Ill check out to try to master this language while I am here.  I went to check in my luggage and it was 6kg overweight and they were going to charge me fat cash so I unpacked all my stuff in the middle of the airport and transferred some heavy stuff into another carry on bag.  It was only once I was finished packing that I realized that a pair of underwear had found its way out of my bag and was sitting on the floor for all to see.  I snatched it up quickly and shoved it in a random bag.
The airport is huge but the gate that I am waiting at for my plane is in a tiny terminal hidden at the back of the airport meant for short domestic flights.  I’m pretty sure ill be on a little Twin Otter type plane because there aren’t many people waiting here and its one of those gates where you have to walk outside to climb into the plane.  It is making me think that I really am going to be in the middle of nowhere but I guess Ill find that out soon!  When I get to the airport Harstad/Narvik I am meant to take some sort of shuttle bus into the town but I forgot to check while I had internet how much it is and which bus to take, so I’m hoping Ill have enough $$ to make it in since I also didn’t end up going to an ATM, whoops.  From there someone from the school should be picking me up.

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  1. hope you made it...either way i'm sure it was an adventure. Can't wait to hear that you are settled in. - Jody