Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today was international food day where all (24?) international students cooked specialty foods from their home countries.  Everything was so tasty!  There were baked goods from Poland, plantain chips and tuna turn overs from Ghana, potato salad from Germany, blueberry pie from Finland, dumplings and crab salad from Russia, some sort of salad from Bulgaria etc…  Some people spent hours preparing their meals but luckily I went for some yummy, easy to make poutine!  Brendan grated 2 big blocks of cheese and I took care of the rest, which yielded two big trays.  By the time it got to the school it was all cold, so instead of eating it by picking at fries I cut it up into squares but it was still good and was one of the first meals to go.  There was over 100 Norwegians that showed up to taste our yummy food and the Russians kept saying that “poutine” sounds to much like “Putin”. We also all got official ISU (international students union) sweaters so we all looked super stylish.

When the food was more or less done, some of us somehow ended up outside and had a snowball fight, it was fun!  We were right outside the school on the boardwalk right by the ocean which overlooks some gorgeous mountains, the view is still surreal!


  1. What a great looking potluck & server! The scenery really looks beautiful. I haven't seen so much as a hill in Copenhagen so it'll be a shock to be surrounded by such mountains.

    And the weather looks very sunny. Is it always like that?

    I'm so excited to come visit! :)

    1. Wooo, one more month until you are here!

      My Danish friend did a presentation on her country and I learned that there are only 6 hills, all of which were not very high at all... it seems like being back in the prairies! The mountains here are big, not like Canada's rocky mountains, but still gorgeous.

      Yeah, the weather is pretty sunny most of the time now they we are out of the 24 hour darkness. There are never really to many clouds to hide the sun (which makes for excellent northern lights!)