Thursday, February 23, 2012


Some of the International students after ski/snowboarding

I had my Tourism class Wednesday morning (see Jody… I had class, but guess what we learned about? You’ll never guess.  We learned about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs… I have learned about that in every single University class I have ever taken!).  Anyways, afterward we headed out to the local ski hill for some riding.  I taught a Bulgarian buy and Ghanaian girls to snowboard and they were quite good at the end!  It was fun, I got to do one run by myself which was fun because the hill was small enough to have lights so you can ride at night which isn’t possible in the mountain resorts back home.  At the very end I traded my snowboard with a guy from Ghana in exchange for his skis and I did 2 short runs.  I hadn’t skied since I was 15 but I did pretty well regardless.  Maybe Ill try to take it up again since it is less expensive and more accessible here.

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