Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank yous...

I am really so lucky to have such wonderful friends who have taken such good care of me on this trip.  Its quite possible that none of them even read this blog but here goes a little shout out spiel…

A big thank you to Jan-Philip who endured my craziness for the first part of this trip in Ireland and Scotland.  He is a wonderful travel partner and so easy to get along with.  Thanks for putting up with my feeble attempts at speaking German and being so good with the day-to-day planning.

Thanks to Nikki and her family for letting me into their home in Northumberland.  It was really refreshing to be away from hostels and eat some delicious home cooked meals.  The castles and the beaches were amazing, such a nice area.

I am so happy to have met and gotten to know my English relatives; biggest thanks to Eric, Frila and Gwen.   They took such good care of me and showed me some English customs.  I feel like my little family isn’t so little anymore, and that is great.

Thanks to Bryce, Devin and Cam who booked a room for me and came out to check out what kind of nightlife London has to offer. It was so nice to see some people from back home.

Allison was such a wonderful guide and really went out of her way to show me London.  I am so happy that we could meet again now that we are older; thanks for lunch, helping me figure out my train route and taking me to see everything we did.

Hakan and his family are wonderful to let me, some wayward traveller, into their home and shower me with kindness and yummy food.  I’m so glad he and I have kept in touch throughout the years.

Anybody is welcome to visit me in Canada and the favors will be returned!

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