Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bus and Bergen

This morning was my final goodbyes as Rebecca, Aya and Audun brought me to the bus stop.  Again, it hasnt sunk in that I will not be seeing these great people for a while.  As I write this, I am sitting on the bus that is going through some more gorgeous scenery and is lined with really cute houses and farms.  I am on this bus for 7 hours, headed to Bergen in western Norway.  I am sitting at the back next to the toilet and the intense heat is making this a very stinky ride  : (

This bus ride has absolutely phenomenal views.  It went from rolling hills covered in forests, to a 25km snow desert to a stretch of road with tons of powerful waterfalls streaming down the mountains into a large river which followed the road for a while.  This is the greatest stretch of road Ive ever driven on, I would easily pay $100 just to see this same drive again.  Everywhere I looked was stunning but I seemed to be the only person that noticed.  Everyone one else was reading books or on their phones where as I was wide-eyed staring out the windows.
I rolled into Bergen at 9pm and found my way to my hostel.  I got in and quickly had a shower.... 8 hours on a bus without air conditioning warrants a quick shower.  Then I met one of my roommates who is an American computer programmer from San Diego.  He was really great, we went for a nice walk and had a picnic near a water fountain.

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