Friday, May 25, 2012


I have to say that Bergen is the most beautiful city I have ever visited.  Everywhere you look there is something beautiful wthether it is one of the 7 surrounding mountains, picturesque buildings or an old fisherman coming in from his latest catch.  The weather today was something like +26 degrees out and I regret not having brought any summer clothes.

This morning I walked around the big fish market and then around the quays to check out the big boats.  Later, I climbed up a mountain near the downtown called Fløyen.  There was a funicular option but I opted out and spent a good hour hiking up the mountain (320m) only to see a truely phenomenal view of the city and the surrounding mountains and fjords.  The view was unbeleivable and got even better as I hiked around further at the top (found 3 geocaches).  I think Ill regret not having worn sunscreen because I can feel a sunburn coming on but its all worth it.  This took a better part of the day so now I am sitting in a park watching people walk by and two pigeons fighting over an old sandwich, as I eat my salad and chocolate.  Tonight Ill check out a Jazz Festival which is a part of the Bergen International Festival.

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  1. You look beautiful..... you ARE beautiful!!!