Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bergen - Sogndal

Last night in Bergen and I am chilling with a guy from Syria and another from Algeria.  They communicate in their similar language, and the Syrian knows English and the Algerian knows French.  The three of us talking is a jumble of languages.  We are speaking different languages to one another, I am fortunate to know both French and English because otherwise we really couldnt have communicated nor could I have translate for the Indian girl who showed up later.

I am currently on the ferry headed from Bergen to Sogndal where I will meet up with a Slovakian friend, Jan, whom I met in New Zealand two years ago.  The ferry ride so far is stunning and fortunately enough, there is free Internet!  I was just on skype with my dad and was able to show him the view that I was seeing as we sailed through the jumble of fjords and islands... so cool!

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