Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Russ - stange Norsk tradition

In Norway, high school graduates participate in a tradition called "Russ".  Basically, everyone who is about to graduate has to participate in this 3 week long event.  They all wear a pair of pants; the color is dependent on their stream at school... most are red for academic; they are not supposed to take off these pants for the entire 3 weeks!  These three weeks are officially from the first of May (although some started earlier) until the Norwegian national day (May 17) and consist of mostly drinking and partying.  There is a list of about 100 tasks printed in the local news papers every year and the Russ students are supposed to complete as many as possible.  When they complete a task they are given an item, a knot (?) or just the pride of having accomplished this task.  I have been told that during the Russ period I am almost guaranteed to see at least one of them streaking (the ONLY time they are allowed to remove their pants) through a grocery store or downtown... I haven't seen it yet.  All the Russ students have "russekorte" which are mock business cards with their picture, contact info and some crude/funny joke/comment on it which they must give out when someone asks.
 Anyways, this is a very accepted tradition and it is expected that everyone participate.  I have been told from Norwegian friends that this is VERY fun to participate in but not fun to have happen around you.   oh... and the best part?  Right AFTER this 3 week period of drinking, wearing the same pants and not much sleep is when they all write their graduation exams!  Crazy Norwegians!

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  1. They sure have a bizarre educational system out there???